When I was doing the research for my previous article, a lot of the guys suggested items that will help girls keep the car clean; there was this out of this world suggestion such as having artificial intelligence for the car to self-clean.  Reflecting on their answers, I asked myself…are women dirtier than men inside the car?

Men complain about, their girlfriends/wives eating in the car, leaving tissues, wrappers; other complains that women rarely wash their cars.  I don’t think this exclusively is a “woman” problem.  In fact several of my girlfriends, who I asked, said it’s the other way around.  Again it’s a “he said, she said” thing and the argument will continue on to the end of time. Just imagine if you add kids to the equation.

So how in the world did this perception happen?  Perhaps, we are marking our territory with a “kalat” trail, maybe we think it would be bad to litter outside; or maybe because of the sheer size, it would be such a chore to clean something that will get dirty again.  There are however advantages in keeping the car spic and span, like avoiding rust, scratching of the paint etc and of course being able to see where your house keys are without rummaging into a sea of receipts and food wrappers.

Just to help making your life easier, here are some quick tips to keep your can spotless:

Keeping the inside clean

Find a small container for your trash/debris. Whether you have kids or just a trash flinging older kid, have a small trash bag or bin you or your driver can remove after the trip.  You can buy those hanging organizers for the back of the driver’s or passenger seats; this will be advantageous if you have kids, you can put the wipes, tissue and event toys and can easily ask them to pack away.

Keep a well-stocked boot. Wipes at the glove, garbage bags, paper towels and a carpet cleaning solution in the back, this will lessen the heartache and stress specially if you have kids or have a carpool mate that has acid reflux.  Keep in a collapsible box in your trunk so that if you would need to store dirty clothes or objects, you can do so without the risk of contaminating other items in the back.

Keep a tube of toothpaste in the glove.  According to CNN living, a white, non-gel toothpaste can serve as a quick fix on your upholstery. Rub gently then wipe with damp clothes or wipes.

Have a rule. Train your kids, boyfriends/husbands and carpool-mates to follow a “bring in-bring out” rule.  This will lessen the clutter and being stuck as “it” in cleaning everything in the car.

Quick fixes

For Exterior

Grab a hair conditioner. All of a sudden you woke up and realized your car is filthy.  Reader’s Digest’s “More extra ordinary uses for ordinary things” list hair conditioner as an effective car cleaner; mix with water and use it to wash your car, the Lanolin in the conditioner provides unbelievable shine and a water repellant coat.  We also tried the waterless cleaning kit from Autohub group, the spray on solution comes with 2 microfiber cloths and a 3 step cleaning process, for a clean and waxed results; It worked very well for the metal parts of the car, but we have our reservation on it as a glass cleaner.

PIa and I tested this all in one cleaning spray from autohub.

PIa and I tested this all in one cleaning spray from autohub.











Fizzy Glass Cleaner. Can’t see clearly?  Grab a can of soda, put towels on the bottom to protect the metal parts; pour the soda and the bubbles will lift the dust and grime.  Wash immediately with soap and water. If you don’t have a soda and it’s the time of the month, you can use your clean maxi pad as a windshield cleaner.  With the adhesive side on your palm, wipe your glass with as much vigor to let out the PMS stress.  Not only will your windshield be bright but also your mood.

Freshen up your car. Can’t take the smell of the usual air freshener? Drop some eucalyptus, lemon or a favorite essential oil in your mats or keep a block of your favorite candle on a thin metal muffin tin, tie with a piece of tulle cloth.  This will give your car a zen like atmosphere. Very much needed after the 100th  “Are we there yet?”

No matter how well your dressed, your chic points will automatically go down if you alight from a vehicle with sand art. Fortunately for us in Manila, we can even have our cars clean while we enjoy a few hours in the mall.  There is also an abundance of car wash service around the metro: in the gas stations, in the village corner etc.  Women can take advantage of these services to make sure their cars look shiny as they are.   And if all else fail, you can always task your man to clean your car for an Xdeal, what ever the exchange rate is, it’s totally up to you.

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