• Chicdriven started as column by Jeanette Ipapo Tuason in Philippine Daily Inquirer Motoring Section.

• Jeanette wrote with the aim to enlighten and inform women drivers about the latest motoring trends, reviews, and road safety tips.

• Her article quickly gained a strong following of women who started asking her questions beyond the road, questions about life hacks and practical tips for women and the multiple hats they wear in society

• ChicDriven has since evolved as an advocacy website designed to help women juggle their different roles and make “having it all” look effortless

• Our vision is to be the venue that brings together passionate individuals who can share their expertise to help inspire and empower women in their quest to “have-it- all.”

Mobility: the latest motoring trends, reviews, and road safety tips

Balance: finding equilibrium between home and the workplace

Nurture: a better, healthier, more active you

Heart: what we care about

Chicfinds: the stuff we need for the multiple hats we wear