I love the beach, unfortunately my body is nowhere beach ready.  It is a constant struggle to dress up and not look like Inday during day off.  Fashion tips usually focus on a problem area to hide.  Like if you have big tummy, big hips, small boobs etc.  But what would you do if you are basically SM (we got it all for you) when it comes to problem areas.

I was never sexy… I was fit in my younger days due to constant sporty endeavors such as volleyball, football etc.  Now I have 3 kids, dressing up for the beach has become stressful. Although my kids  are usually my best accessories to justify all problem areas, but what if they are not there?  So my hunt for the perfect suit is religious.

I was looking for a suit for a business trip, I came upon Naked Sun in Itsie Bitsie.  I was waiting for my car after getting my eyebrows done in Emphasis and decided to go in for the AC.  I usually don’t go inside Itsie Bitsie because I have this impression that everything is pricey.  I was surprised to see a very well made swimsuit, whose quality is comparable to those who are 10K a piece at an average 2K for a set.  The fabrics look premium and the cuts and craftsmanship are great.  The design is both classy and sexy which is important.

Del Mar in Animal Print

I bought myself an orange Mariner, whose design is very forgiving for mommies like me.  They usually have mailots, tankinis and bikinis every season to address the different body types.  It puts emphasis on the right parts and most importantly it does not feel hot or flimsy.

Don’t forget in any outfit  you need to add a couple of bottles of confidence as well to carry it fabulously.

Mariner in Orange.

Check out their facebook site for details. https://www.facebook.com/NSSwimwear