Thanks to my friend Brian Afuang, I got to stay at the swanky Ritz for my business trip to Kuala Lumpur for free.  He had a spare GC and was not looking to travel to KL in the near future.  The room we got was about 1300RM (about Php16K) per night, comes with a butler service and breakfast.  The Ritz was attached to the Starhill mall which houses most of the luxury brands (in short the hubby was allergic to it). The hotel lobby where people do their check in was not as grand as you would expected, it was rather small and uneventful. Service of course was impeccable.


Our room was like a condo unit; we actually liked the layout very much we want our masters bedroom on our next house to be the same.  We had no view of the Petronas tower, but we saw it in all its glory during our meeting at the Traders hotel.  Coffee and juice is free, just call your butler.  He even brought us coffee at 615 am which was our secondary wake up time.



The Bathroom was nice.  It had separate shower, water closet room and the tub is for all to see.


Food was just ok; we had room service when we arrived.  The salad was good but the pizza was just ok.  Then breakfast was a bit disappointing.  Their individualised bread basket was their saving grace.

On our second day, we had the munchies after finishing a couple of bottles of wine with some people we met that day.  Some malaysian racers and businessmen who were all car enthusiast.  We went to the food court of Starhill which was called Feast village.  instead of the usual food court, we were greeted by a spirals type restaurant venue. Sosyal na food court.  Food was just ok, maybe because it so late already, the choices were limited.


It’s a shame that i didn’t get to go around much, it was my first time  pa naman in Malaysia.