It’s so hard to be a woman nowadays.  You need to work, be a house manager, an amateur doctor, a shrink, a mother to your kids and husband, a nagger and last but not the least, a lover.  Do you ever feel that you don’t have the energy for all?

Found this in  They are saying women would rather sleep than have sex. But we all know the importance of having some fun in the sack specially when your married or in a relationship. Here are some of tips to get you game and amenable for some action more often.

Have sexy time in the AM.

Testosterone levels are high in AM.  Even though sometimes daylight is enough reason to feel discourage, try to find some suitable and flattering light by drawing the curtains or closing the blinds.

Get some sun

The sun tells your brain and body that it’s another beautiful day.  Try to find unobstructed rays before facing the family.  This will make sure you don’t bite anyone before breakfast.

Don’t forget lunch

Skipping meals is enough to make any hormonal woman go nuclear.  So imagine your mood when dinner time rolls around.


Sex is strenuous unless, of course… you just like laying down.

Find alternatives for PM boost.

Hydrate.  Coffee and alcohol makes you dehydrated which can result to crankiness.

Fuel up before excercise.

Nuts, a piece of fruit or a granola bar can help give you a boost when you exercise, so you don’t deplete your energy for sexercise.