While browsing through Perez Hilton (my guilty pleasure), I saw this article about a 15 year old girl who not only got raped, cyber bullied and ultimately decided to end her life.  Apparently, she went to a party, got drunk and was left unconscious to have a couple of boys have their way with her.  What surprises me is that this boys instead of keeping the crime under wraps had the guts to post the photos of the criminal deed on the internet for the whole world to know.

There are two point of views here:

From the Parents of the Girl

They wanted to have this boys tried as adults, specially after they learned about the cyberbullying.  Some people may judge, why they allowed their girl to get drunk or intoxicated in the first place.  I have a daughter, she is 8 and at this point of time I am scared out of my wits about things like this. How can a parent protect their daughter but also give them enough space to experience life at the same time?

Yes I had my days of rebellion, but somehow even though I drink, my guardian angel ( my brother) was always with me on the nights outs and somehow whatever my mom did, i learned to drink responsibly.  I know there will be a point my girl would like to test and experience life on her own terms, all I can hope for is that her catholic upbringing and our efforts will make her chose wisely.  At an early age, I am trying to instill ( brainwash) her that she will need to go out with a driver and a yaya and maybe her brother.  I also try to show what the standard on how she needs to be treated and  yes, I will teach her how to drink .

From the Parents of the BoysScreen-shot-2013-04-14-at-7.17.28-AM

Boys will be boys.  Now the boys are going to Jail.  I also have boys, in fact I have two, I have a 13 year old and a 2 year old. The parents’ can always argue that the girls had it coming.  Yes, maybe.  But if those boys were raised as gentle man, this should have not happened.  What is the world coming to where crime is something people boast about?  We have video games, music videos and movies that glamorizes car stealing,  killing and even raping girls (yup theres a video game from Japan) So what are we teaching this kids??  I know boys are different because one, they don’t get pregnant; two its part of growing up.  But what kind of boys are we trying to bring up if they have the capacity to do this and be proud about it.

What I usually tell my husband who is such a joker when talking about girls with my 13 year old son, was to first and foremost teach him to respect women.  From respect steams being a gentleman, non- wifebeater, etc.  Next is to believe in Karma.  My friend who has 7 kids, gave us a good tip on how to teach being a gentleman to your sons… to teach by example,while your kids are in such a moldable stage, show them exaggeratedly how women should be treated, and what virtues they should look for.